top tips to boost your christmas sales

This article is going to give you some quick cash injection tips to help you boost your Christmas sales.
1. Christmas Discounts
Everyone loves a discount and what better time than now to add some extra incentive when people are generally happy to be buying gifts. Be sure not to only place discount icons on your pics but place a prominent banner on your front page alerting people to the savings they can make.
2. Ramp-Up Your Returns Policy
Do you have a 7 day or 14 day returns policy? I hate nothing more than trying to rush back to a store over the holiday period to return something when there are so many other things I would rather be doing. Take the stress from your customers and let them know that they have an extra week or 2 weeks grace before needing to return an item.
This can be an extra incentive for customers when purchasing online as the postal services can become bogged down at this time of year with the increase in packages, and no-one wants to be stuck with a gift they cannot do anything with (clothes that do not fit, shoes that are too small, etc).
3. Create Scarcity
Scarcity sells! Let people know how many items you have left in stock.
Do not overdo this though. If you share the fact you have 99 items in stock you are also showing your customers that there is little demand for what you are selling. I recommend letting your customers know when you hit the 5 items left mark. You can also apply this to a service. If people pay for your time (coaching) or a rental period (limousine hire) then be sure to state the remaining slots you have available.
4. Free Shipping
People really do love free shipping. Free shipping consistently out perform discounts and 2 for 1 deals for many of our client websites so give it a whirl. If free shipping on all of your items just is not feasible then try free shipping on a minimum order; example ‘free shipping on all orders over £25.
5. Deadlines
Tell your customers how many days they have left to order before the postal cut-off date. Knowing you only have 3, 2 or even only 1 day left to purchase something in order to receive it in time for Christmas can be a great nudge, especially for impulse buys. You can take this one step further and add a countdown clock to your site, nothing like watching the seconds (or minutes) tick away before you can no longer get your item.